Wednesday, October 24, 2007


"meanwhile across town under a bridge the ceremony started to take place, no one had any idea what was happening right beneath their feet"

see, i'm a real sucker for music like this, it's like an outerspace cartoon, really bright and twisted and stuff, alot of vocal harmonies, running on that francis plagne or ariel pink kick, i mean, i'm not trying to say anything about who they like or listen too, but just that it's got that same nostalgic shift about it that plagne or pink does have. it's recorded with some dirt in it which i like and one of the songs has a great heavy deep voice over it and the voice is saying that thing i quote up there below the picture.


They are releasing a record called: "quill of the mad" out on "stick in your spokes records" and they are from brooklyn, new york.

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